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Seminars in Situated Cognition

Thomas Presskorn-Thygesen: Neuroscience is bad. Are theories of plasticity any better? Wednesday, December 21, 11 am.

Thomas Wiben Jensen: Den performative hjerne. Onsdag, d. 7. december, kl. 11

Ivana Konvalinka: Interacting minds, brains, and bodies: 3 ways to couple in joint action, Wednesday, September 28, at 11 am.

Mattia Galotti: The Meeting of Minds in the We-Mode, Wednesday, August 24, 11.00-12.30.

The Lundbeck Foundation supports International Workshop at GNOSIS

May 4-6 GNOSIS hosted a transdisciplinary international workshop. The theme of the event was The Return of the Masses in the Era of Sur-Individualism and new developments in cognitive science, neuroscience, philosophy and sociology were debated. The event was supported by the Lundbeck Foundation.

Neuroplasticity - special issue of Journal of Consciousness Studies

Special issue of Journal of Consciousness Studies (Volume 18, No. 7-8, 2011) edited by John Michael with contributions from the Great Expectations conference organised by GNOSIS February 3-5 2010.

Challenges and Limitations to Phenomenological Approaches. International conference to be held at the Danish School of Education, March 24-25 2011.  

Great Expectations - the plasticity of the brain and the neurosciences at the threshold: nature and nurture - and beyond... International Conference held at The Danish School of Education, February 03-05 2010. See: Program and video 



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